“It’s time to stop watching television and start living instead”.


I simply love this. It truly resonates with me and my family. I have a child who is addicted to Disney, and I despise it. I never believed Disney was passing along positive messages to my child. It is more about status and making fun of other children.

This article is the reason I would love to get rid of TV in my household for good. It is going to be a struggle. If anyone has any ideas. Please let me know.

Dream Big, Dream Often

cf02f0ea8220c6ce99764a33d0241622Give this article a read I found on LifeHack by Craig Dewe:

Few people realize the number of issues that television causes in our life.

While many people will argue that a little bit of TV never hurt anyone, the amount of a “little bit” is constantly in debate. A Neilson report found that the average American watches more than 34 hours of television each week.

If that number doesn’t shock you I don’t know what will. If you’re now thinking “Those people are crazy—I’d never watch that much” then I invite you to do your own maths. Simply write down all the shows you watched this week and how long they were (including commercials if it was live) plus movies, YouTube videos, etc. and work out roughly how much time you spent in front of the screen.

That number is how many hours you’re losing each week…

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