Isn’t the saying “‘HOLY GUACAMOLE”

Well clearly these are zucchini/squash babies.  And yes, I said babies…because they are the size of a newborn baby.  Or my puppy.  Whichever you please.

But, now I need your HELP.

Here is the thing.  I have not been able to get quality zucchini all summer.  I refuse to buy from the store.  My friend’s crop did not turn out because of all the rain.  So, when we went to the farmer’s market Saturday and the farmer invited us back to his farm, it seemed like a good idea.  “I’ll pick them for you”, he said.

Well, alrighty then.  Maybe I might have gotten a little carried away.  Maybe, just MAYBE now I have 20 of these bad boys and I do not know what to do with them.

I was under the presumption I would be able to shred and freeze them for later recipes, like yummy breads during the winter.

First, I could barely cut into it. Uh-oh.  I sawed at it for a bit.  I blamed my knives.  I definitely second guessed my strength training I have been doing.  Finally, managed to get it open it resembled more of a pumpkin.  It was stringy and big seeds.

So what do I do.  I try to make zoodles out of it, I mean of course, why not.

They were not good.  Very crunchy.

I slept on it. The next day I decided I would try my next favorite thing to do.  THE CROCKPOT!  I let them steam in some S&P, EVOO and water all day.  I am not sure if they are going to be any good.


So you see…I need HELP!  I CANNOT let these bad boys go to waste.  What do I do with them?  How can I make them work?

I am calling on you zucchini connoisseurs to PLEASE HELP.

Also, feel free  to leave me some recipes to try.  I know I am going to make these work out!  🙂