I know I have mentioned before that the SIL and I LOVE, love, love pinterest.  We specifically love trying those ridiculous pins that seem almost “too good to be true”.

And more often than not, the pins are not as easy as they appear to be…

This Galaxy bottle was much easier than we thought.  There were several different ways to make it, including pictures and videos on YouTube.  Per usual, we decided to wing it using materials we found around the house.

And of course I thought I’d share the process, since it was so fun.  Even my 2-year-old niece helped!

Galaxy Bottle

What you will need:

  • paint in colors desired
  • cups
  • wine bottle, or any reusable jar
  • jumbo cotton balls
  • glitter


What we did:

  • We gathered paints we had, including glow in the dark
  • Then we mixed the tiniest bit of paint and water in our red solo cups 🙂
  • Now comes the layering of cotton, glitter and paint water
  • We made sure to keep pushing the cotton down so it was compact and able to absorb
  • It took about 30 minutes to make 2 bottles (not bad)

I will admit, even during the process I was skeptical.  My SIL and I were both doing it differently and looking at each other like the other person was doing it incorrectly.  She kept adding massive amounts of liquid without cotton, whereas I was waiting for the cotton to absorb the liquid.  At the end, you cannot even tell which is which.  What matters is that the project was fun.  We definitely had spills, and laughs. Try to do this outside if you can! (Our weather was gorgeous)

Unfortunately, they did not glow in the dark.

Does not matter because, I LOVE this project so much!  I already have a chalkboard tag that says “you are out of this world” going on it!

I hope you enjoy making this.  I know I did.   🙂