Back to school…

So many mixed emotions with my daughter going back to school.  The first, being complete and utter JOY.  Why, you ask.  Well, I will tell you.

For “reasons” out of my control, I have been lucky enough to be home all summer with my almost 8-year-old daughter.  Considering I always work or go to school, I am extremely pumped for our summer.  I have all these fantastic things planned, (in my head of course). The pool all day everyday for instance.  Finishing up some craft projects.  Entering my daughter in a summer reading program (and actually have her finish this time).  Planting our garden together.  Getting the house organized.  The list goes on and on.  For some crazy reason I think my daughter and I will bond over all these things I can FINALLY get done around the house.  I think we are just going to enjoy this summer of fun Festivals, giving back to the community, and our family that just came to live with us.

Ha.  Joke was on me.

  1. My daughter hates getting up in the morning.  I mean before noon.  Ridiculous, I know, but it also makes running “errands” almost pointless.  Getting her up is even worse, and possibly another blog post in itself.
  2.  My daughter also does not like festivals anymore.
  3. The weather here in the great state of Ohio was rainy a good portion of the summer, so the pool was a rare occasion.
  4. The summer reading was a bust, partially me not forcing my daughter to read.
  5. Organization is hard.  I cannot get this house organized.  And my daughter’s room is the WORST.

Mostly though, I am SAD she is going back to school.  Sad that her summer went so fast and I did not get in all the life lessons and fun activities. Even so,  I have learned a lot about my daughter this summer.  We are a lot alike, as I feel most mothers and daughters are.  That is a beautiful, crazy thing.  Her and I argue, we joke and laugh, and even cry together.  We have certain nerdy things we both like, but we also have our own hobbies.  That is okay.  I have learned my daughter is no longer my baby.  She can still be silly: and need attention in inappropriate situations, but she is sprouting into a young lady.

This young lady is what has me so SCARED for her to start school again.  She is absolutely gorgeous, and we are going to have to fight hard to keep the boys away from her.  I just have to constantly remind her boys have cooties 🙂

Because honestly…I need to get some work done!  Now I am back to JOY.

With that, I will leave you with some of my favorite back to school memes for moms/parents. YOU ARE WELCOME