Ok, maybe not a real baby, but the Sister-in-law (SIL) and I made a watermelon baby.  Still pretty cool.  I love these cute watermelon babies for showers.  Plus, they are a healthy alternative to a regular cake.  Win, win in my book.

  1.  Use whatever fruits your souls desire!    IMG_0284
  2. Make sure to clean all your fruit and all your utensils.  Speaking of utensils…make sure to have a melon baller thingy.  THE BEST INVENTION EVER!
  3. Cut your watermelon.  You can draw on it or use a coffee cup to help guide your knife. IMG_0292IMG_0294
  4. AND NOW…you get to use the melon baller thingy!    IMG_0295
  5. Now shape the baby face from the canteloupe!IMG_0297
  6. Take a second to admire how pretty all the fruit is…IMG_0296
  7. Finally, put the watermelon baby together!  Add any extras on with toothpicks and push them in! IMG_0302
  8. VOILA!  You made a baby!  Who would have known it was that easy 😉  You can add a honey/lime juice sauce if your heart desires!

Let me know how yours turns out!  Send some pics, I would love to see!

FYI~ I now have tons of watermelon innards (is that even correct)?  Anyways, you will see a ton of recipes with watermelon! YUMMMMMMEEEE