Have I mentioned my obsession with healthy foods? Specifically, I have been looking for a clean eating chocolate chip cookie. And I do not mean when you google “healthy cookie” it comes up with cute cookies that use wheat flour, but still have ALL that sugar and a ton of ingredients.
I know, I know; the sugar makes it yummy.

Hence, the frustration! This is my 3rd try at a modified recipe (I modify every recipe I come across, FYI) and it is a WINNER. How do I know it is a winner? My 7 year old daughter LOVES them. She even helped with this yummy looking batch. She helped so much she “accidentally” overpoured the chocolate chips. Hey, I am not complaining!

I love having my daughter help me cook. Especially healthy meals. I definitely feel it motivates her more to eat what she helps make. She is able to see the ingredients and effort she is putting into what she is baking, and the yummy reward= a healthy protein cookie!

Also…my 2nd try at healthy protein cookies I made at night while my daughter was sleeping. They were DISGUSTING. I mean horrid. I tried to eat one whole “cookie” to make myself feel better. I went to bed so dissapointed that I forgot to clean them up. OOOPPPPPSIE. I came downstairs the next morning to a note my daughter had wrote her dad, and it said, “Dad, DO NOT EAT THE COOKIES”. I could not help but laugh, because honestly, my daughter never gets up before me. Haha, jokes on her!

Anyways, that could also be why I like to cook these protein cookies with my daughter 🙂

And these are fantastic snacks. I like them after a workout. Or even for breakfast!

I hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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