I love everything!
I love to craft, and by craft I mean I love to make and do EVERYTHING. I am constantly pinning things then running to the store to get supplies. I look at yard sales or thrift stores and think I can bring life to everything. I have failed in quite a few of these endeavors. Or just have not even started yet. But that is okay because I am going to bring you guys along with me to finish all these projects! (And start new ones, hehe).
I love to cook. More importantly I love to cook HEALTHY food. I really enjoy putting healthy spins on a classic dish, or to find new recipes to “wow” my family. I don’t always get the wow factor I am looking for, but that is the life of a mom, so I am told.
I also love the great outdoors! Doing all the things outdoors: festivals, concerts, cookouts, walks for charities, etc.
Speaking of charities, I have a passion for quite a few charities. I have always said if I could donate my time for a living, I would.
My daughter seems less thrilled about all these things. I have been on a mission to have her love life just as much as I do. Her less enthusiastic attitude drives me insane sometimes (she is only 7).

My mission in life: to do the most good and help as many people as I can, crafting everything in sight, getting my family healthy, and just ENJOY LIFE.

Welcome to the Party