I want to go to the craft store. It is only open for another hour, but I spend the next 20 minutes trying to convince my daughter she should go with me. HA! Then I realize I am the mom, she has to come! Win for me!
The minute ride up the street is enough for her to readjust her attitude (or so I thought).
I have about 4 completely different projects in my head I want to work on: Doctor Who necklace and shoes, want to refinish my chairs, but crap I cannot find the same pattern we started on…OMG where is my daughter?!
FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!
But now I wish I had not! She is loudly sharing her opinion about how UGLY my 1st choice of fabric was to refinish the dining room chairs. Cool dude, do not sit on them to eat then…
While she is berating my style there is another customer, giggling to herself. Just what my daughter needs, fuel. I am just trying to find a freaking color that matches my original pattern, I mean, who chooses a pattern and then does not buy enough fabric….MEEEEEEEE!!!!
My daughter finally decides she is going to go look for something to make her dad…Oh my freaking goodness, thank you.
We meet at the cutting counter. My fabric is on sale, her’s is not. She throws a fit. The lady at the cutting counter is not at all amused, I mean, AT ALL. I am not really either, but I am trying to be patient, because there is thought behind it. She wants to make her dad a Cavs blanket. The fabric is just soooo expensive is would probably be cheaper to buy a blanket. I finally talk her down and we get away from the scowling, cutting counter lady.
On to my Doctor Who crafts, made of clay. I have never worked with clay, so this will be new and fun. I am trying to figure out what is the best, and find that perfect TARDIS blue and CRAP…where is my daughter…
Ohhhh you know just a couple aisles over trying on EVERY SINGLE feather boa they have. FANTASTIC… (She did look fantastic I giggled).
I just want to drop by the jewelry section real quick to see if they have anything I may need…
Alright, alright they give us the “we’re closing in 5 minutes” warning…
The checkout aisles is the WORST for kids. I personally think it is rude. So much candy crap and dollar junk, I am so worn out from saying “NO” by the time we checkout I want to scream at the cashier.
Plus, my daughter insists on informing the whole checkout line that she “is starving and NEEDS a chocolate bar, it is only $3.49”.
Needless to say by the time I got home, I did NOT feel like crafting…maybe tomorrow.